Sunday, 29 January 2012


Welcome Blog Readers or whatever Mental Disease brought you to read this blog

For those who know me, The Ranting Scotsman has returned but this time with no promises of Skits, Podcasts, Vidcasts or anything of the such. Maybe the promise is too much with my hectic life right now so I guess sticking to plain old blogging is the way to go right now

For those who DON'T know me, I am the Ranting Scotsman. I am a Glaswegian native who has a very strong opinion on.............well just about anything that AND doesn't concern me. I'm not here to offend or insult (well not much hopefully) anyone about their beliefs, opinions or feelings towards just about anything. I harbour an opinion about such things are 'Life Changing Camel Operations' and 'What exactly is between David Cameron's ears'!

So if your after some funny insights into our everyday life and sometimes the dark & disturb brain housing that belongs to me then you have stumbled or been lured into the right blog for you. Let the craziness begin!!!!